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Welcome to the Casino Mortale! Casino Mortale is no ordinary escape rooms online, but an exciting cinematic experience.

Soft jazz, secret whispering, the smell of gin-tonics and bad intentions: in the secret office of the Casino Mortale the battle is no longer limited to roulette, blackjack and poker.

You are being dragged into a dangerous live video game full of intrigue, love, crime and murder. The stakes are high, but the potential reward is higher; but you have to beat the competition.

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Casino Mortale Online

Escape rooms online  gives you the opportunity to try out our escape game without having to leave your home.
Escape rooms online will bring you and your friends an exciting and trilling escape experience. Go online and you will find yourself in the cinematic escape experience!

We use to communicate. We advise you to use a desktop or laptop for the zoom communication and you need a phone or iPad for additional tasks.We will send extra e-mails – which are part of the experience – and we want you to share those e-mails with your team.

Info Escape Rooms Online:

The game master is physically present in the escape rooms Online and will be your eyes and ears. She/he will follow your instructions to the letter. 

Because she/he is using a bodycam you will see and hear what is happening in the room. Team members connect online and solve puzzles as you go along.

There is one difference – with playing in the room yourself – the game master is now playing for you and will execute the instructions exactly as you and your team will instruct. Our online escape room offers the opportunity for playing together while keeping your distance. 

Escape rooms Online is a great way to stay connected with your friend and/or family and have fun with your loved ones in  Casino Mortale Online.

Best Remote Play International Award 2020

With one of the most thoroughly fleshed out storyworlds of any game we have ever played, Casino Mortale wastes no time pulling wannabe criminals into the thrilling life of a heist accomplice. Days before the break-in is set to take place, a mysterious contact, known only as One-Omega-One, reaches out to deliver instructions and vital information. He is the go between for Nancy Martin, the distraught widow of the former Casino Mortale owner Freddy Martin, and the team that will help get the bearer bond back in her hands.

One-Omega-One also loops in Alice, the team’s informant who will be on site actually attempting the break-in. When the big day finally arrives, Casino Mortale’s narrative doubles down, packing multiple surprise twists and heart pounding turns. Murder, betrayal, and a severed finger or two are all on the table – how well the team plays their cards will determine if Alice survives and if Nancy gets her beloved casino back.

Along with the pre-game contacts, a local newspaper is found that not only furthers the storyworld development, but also gives a taste of the venues hilariously creative wit. All of these touches before the actual game even begins, combined with the rich narrative during the actual experience, create a truly impressive, entertaining, and engaging story.

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