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escaperoom Amsterdam

PainKiller and Casino Mortale are near escaperoom Amsterdam

Nearby escaperoom Amsterdam. These intense and story based escape rooms are hard! and is not for newbies. If you have the skills to unravel the story of PainKiller or Casino Mortale you maybe can escape this very movie like escape experience that begins a few day’s before you booking! Because a anoniems person will get in touch with you about the mission.

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escaperoom Amsterdam

Facts & Figures

Casino Mortale

Soft jazz, secrets being whispered and the smell of gins and tonic and bad intentions: in the secret office of the Casino Mortale the battle is no longer limited to roulette, blackjack and poker. 

You are being dragged into a dangerous game full of intrigue, love, crime and death. The stakes are high, but the potential reward higher; provided you get rid of the competition.

Are you able to decipher everyone’s double agenda, crack the safe and escape from the Casino Mortale?

escaperoom Amsterdam
escape room Amsterdam
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Escape : 49%
Time Presure: 4/5
Difficult 4/5
Scary: 1/5
Story: 5/5

With one of the most thoroughly fleshed out storyworlds of any game we have ever played, Casino Mortale wastes no time pulling wannabe criminals into the thrilling life of a heist accomplice. 

Days before the break-in is set to take place, a mysterious contact, known only as One-Omega-One, reaches out to deliver instructions and vital information. He is the go between for Nancy Martin, the distraught widow of the former Casino Mortale owner Freddy Martin, and the team that will help get the bearer bond back in her hands.

One-Omega-One also loops in Players, the team’s informant who will be on site actually attempting the break-in. 

When the big day finally arrives, Casino Mortale’s narrative doubles down, packing multiple surprise twists and heart pounding turns. Murder, betrayal, and a severed finger or two are all on the table – how well the team plays their cards will determine if Players survives and if Nancy gets her beloved casino back.

Along with the pre-game contacts, a local newspaper is found that not only furthers the storyworld development, but also gives a taste of the venues hilariously creative wit. All of these touches before the actual game even begins, combined with the rich narrative during the actual experience, create a truly impressive, entertaining, and engaging story.

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Pain killer logo sky high eescaperoom

Facts & Figures

Psychiatrist Alfred S. Milgram has an notorious reputation. He has healed patients who seemed beyond saving, though with the help of experimental medication and a very, very intimate relationship with the people under his care. This treatment proved unsuccessful in the case of one patient: the enigmatic Jules Early.

Are you the friend Jules needs? Put yourself in his place, feel his pain and find out who you really are: A friend….or foe?

Painkiller is a psychological thriller in the form of an interactive story-driven beste escaperoom Amsterdam.

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Onze escape rooms  zijn ontworpen, geschreven en geregisseerd door Bram Koedam van In De Speelhal.

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