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Floriade Expo 2022

The perfect escape activity during Floriade Expo 2022

 You will discover solutions from the participants and innovators from home and other countries that make our cities more fun, 

beautiful and sustainable. Dive into the theme Floriade expo 2022 growing green cities and be surprised!

The arboretum will constitute the expo’s green structure as well as that of the future urban district Hortus. It will be an alphabetically organised tree and plant encyclopaedia that you can walk through

Dutch horticulture will present innovations and solutions for sustainable, liveable cities. Visitors will experience horticulture and have their senses stimulated by a huge variety of products and participants.

Buy your tickets with a Floriade discount for 6 mounts.

Floriade only takes place once every 10 years. Don’t miss it!

Sky High Escape room Almere

Not only the Floriade expo 2022 is worth to visit, you can also visit our two escaperooms at Sky High Escaperooms Almere

It’s the perfect day out with your family, friends and/or colleagues.

We have the perfect getaway. When it is a warm or rainy day for Floriade expo 2022? 

No problem, our rooms have air conditioning and are wonderfully warm on the colder rainy days and cool on the warm or even hot summer days.

2 exciting Escaperooms near by Floriade expo 2022
2 exciting Escaperooms near by Floriade expo 2022

Your team will only have one goal in mind during the 60 minutes that you are locked up; 

solving the puzzles and escaping before Jack Bergh, the new manager of Casino Mortale, returns.

Welcome to the Casino Mortale! Casino Mortale is no ordinary escaperoom, but an exciting cinematic experience.
Besides solving puzzles, you and your team are immersed in an interactive detective and a crime thriller.

Psychiatrist Alfred S. Milgram has an notorious reputation.  He has healed patients who seemed beyond saving,

though with the help of experimental medication and a very, very intimate relationship with the people under his care.
This treatment proved unsuccessful in the case of one patient: the enigmatic Jules Early.

Are you the friend Jules needs?
Put yourself in his place, feel his pain and find out who you really are: A friend….or foe?

Fun for everyone

This escape room is possible for 3 to 12 people or a maximum of 24 people. This way you can play with a small or large group.

Book now the Casino Mortale and/or Painkiller. You can also contact us by calling +31645752570. This way you will soon experience an unprecedented fun day in close to Floriade Expo 2022 in Almere!

Come and play

Sky High Escape rooms has two unique story driven escape rooms. Do you want to puzzle and escape before Jack Bergh returns in Casino Mortale or do you want suspense and thrills in our psychological thriller Painkiller?

Escape Room Almere close to Floriade Expo 2022

In addition to a pleasant hour of escape, you can also come to us for company outings, company parties, family outings, just a nice outing with friends. 

If you want to know, more go to our home page or look at the following page English escape room. For our prices you can visit our page tarieven or call us.

On our contact page you can find all the details. Still not found what you are looking for, not even at Frequently Asked Questions Call or email us, we are ready for you.
Onze escaperooms zijn ontworpen, geschreven en geregisseerd door Bram Koedam van In De Speelhal.

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